Quotes of the week

  • Posted: Friday, March 15, 2013 12:11 a.m.

“Defendant’s invocation practice has the primary purpose and effect of promoting and advancing one particular faith, Christianity.”

— ACLU lawsuit,

Contending Rowan County commission’s sectarian prayers are unconstitutional

“I’ve prayed all my life, I’m not going to change now. If I’m told by the courts that I can’t pray in session, then we’ll have to accommodate that ...”

— Commission Vice Chair Craig Pierce,

responding to lawsuit

“There have been various studies that show it actually plays a part in the development of the brain and neural pathways. ... And it would be nice if kids could write their name on the back of a paycheck.”

— N.C. Rep. Harry Warren,

On why it’s important for children to learn cursive writing

“There was a dropout prevention program when I was growing up called farming. If you didn’t go to school, that’s what you did.”

— Educator Elijah Peterson,

Recently inducted into the Livingstone College Leaders Hall of Fame

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