Local bridge, March 10

  • Posted: Sunday, March 10, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Almost every bridge player I’ve ever met at either a party bridge or a duplicate bridge game is a competitive person. We all want to win. We equate winning with playing all the hands, and moan and complain when we can’t be declarer or have a hand with low count.

Unlike party bridge where winning depends on our total point score and the luck of the deal, duplicate bridge favors all equally. Everyone plays the same hands.

Those holding a hand with few points are just as important as those holding many. Defense is the key.

Defense is played 50 percent of the time and those who can do this well can win.

Communication with partner before play is key to discuss signals for leads and returns.

Even then, it’s possible that you won’t prevail. But some hands belong to the opponents. No damage is done to you if all players do the same thing.

When you open your hand and bidding begins, start then to plan how you can best defend the hand, and defeat your opponents. Keep a positive attitude.

On Friday at the Evergreen game, N/S: First, Gloria Bryant and Betsy Bare; second, the Hills; third, Ruth Bowles and Marie Pugh. E/W: First, the Winecoffs; second, Dick Brisbin and Pat Featherston; third, the McLaughlins.

Tuesday’s winners were: First, Pat Featherston/Dick Brisbin; second, Gloria Bryant/wayne Pegram; third, the Winecoffs.

N/S vul Dealer E


S A Q 9 3

H 6

D A K T 8 6

C A 9 8

West East

S K 8 6 4 S 2

H K J 5 H A Q 4 3

D Q 9 5 D 7 4 3 2

C Q T 7 C K J 6 5


S J T 7 5

H T 9 8 7 2


C 4 3 2

Bryant/Bare pair made 1SN+2 for best N/S score and the Rowes defeated opponents 4DN contract 2 for bestE/W.

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