Local Bridge, March 3

  • Posted: Sunday, March 3, 2013 8:10 p.m.

Each year our county seniors, people 55 years old and up, compete in the Senior Games.

All athletic events are represented, each person competing against others in their age group.

The winners from each county go to Raleigh for the state competition in the fall. All our athletes are awesome, and very fit.

There is also a Silver Arts category, where seniors enter their paintings, photos, woodworking, needlecraft, food and performing arts for judging.

We have so much talent in this county. The art works will be on display at the Civic Center on March 15.

For the last three years our Rowan-Salisbury Senior Games coordinator Phyllis Loflin-Kluttz has added a duplicate bridge venue.

Our winners don’t compete at state but we enjoy this innovation. Maybe the state will eventually add bridge to their list of competitions.

This year the game was held at Trinity Oaks.

Gold medals went to N/S BettyBonner Steele and Stella Shadroui, E/W Ronnie and Hall Steele; Silver medals to N/S Ruth Bowles and Marie Pugh, E/W Jack Connery and Patrick Fahey; Bronze medals to N/S Gloria Bryant and John McLaughlin, E/W Rosemary Sokolowsky and Joy Hamilton.

In our Evergreen game Friday, Feb. 22 the winners were: First, John and Myrnie McLaughlin; second, Stella Shadroui and Marvin Query; tied for third/fourth were Harold and Carol Winecoff and MariePugh /Ruth Bowles.

Our Tuesday, Feb. 26 Women’s Club winners were: First, Pat Macon and Myrnie McLaughlin; second, Steve Moore and Dick Brisbin.


S 76

H 8 4

D A K Q 3

C A T 7 3 2

West East

S K 4 S T 9 8 3 2

H K 7 5 2 H A J T 9 6

D 8 4 2 D T

C Q J 9 6 C 5 4


S A Q J 5

H Q 3

D J 9 7 6 5

C K 8

Dealer W none vul

The Bowles/Pugh pair bid and made 3NT+2 for the best N/S score and the best E/W score was made by Sue Hayworth and Becca McKinley who defeated their opponent’s 5D contract 2 tricks.

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