Letters to the editor - Monday (2-25-2013)

  • Posted: Monday, February 25, 2013 12:11 a.m.

Grimes Mill memories bring back a wonderful time

My daddy, Bill Corbett, worked at Grimes Mill until it shut down. I remember two little girls, Sandra and Jenny Corbett, would walk to the mill to meet their dad, and then he would let us ride on a belt, saying it was a shortcut to a different floor. We would slide on the old dust that was on the floor.

Those were wonderful times. I remember it like it was yesterday. James Kluttz, Lester Kinds, Bill Corbett ... gone, but never forgotten. Our family gave the museum a chart that dad had kept for years.

— Jenny Corbett McDaniel


Many freedoms are restricted

This is in response to Randy Smith’s Feb. 23 letter. He states that “Our state government is going overboard ...” and then starts talking about California. Last I checked, “our state” is North Carolina. He also states that he moved to North Carolina to get away from “overbearing anti-states’ rights restrictions.” Moving from one state to another won’t change anything there, Mr. Smith, since any restriction on states’ rights would apply nationwide.

Finally, he complains about bans on smoking. While smoking in a car is perfectly legal, smoking in public is not a solitary act — it impacts everyone around you with the stench of secondhand smoke, and frequently cigarette butts thrown on the ground. He suggests that lawmakers should butt out, but I wonder how he feels about laws banning gay marriage or marijuana smoking (in private, of course), among others.

Restrictions on our freedoms come in many forms, not all of them unpopular, and it’s hypocritical to be against some but for others. Have fun in South Carolina, Mr. Smith, and consider quitting smoking. I think it’s affecting your ability to think clearly.

— Kenneth Rickman


Anti-Republican bias

A review of Ann McFeatters’ columns quickly reveals her anti-Republican bias. I consider her thoroughly in the tank for Obama. She loves the prospect of Obamacare, carried Obama’s water throughout the 2012 campaign and attacks a Florida Republican senator for taking a sip of water.

Of course, one must understand the context. Obama pulled it off in a squeaker election, and the far-left talking heads and their scribes are celebrating it as a great political victory. Their plans will fail, because we the people simply won’t put up with it. It’s up to us in the 23 contiguous states who supported Romney to make the case for conservative values to other states.

We may be comforted by the knowledge that, if all else fails, we may take Thomas Jefferson’s advice and set up new government.

— Stephen Owen


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