Letters to the editor - Saturday (2-23-2013)

  • Posted: Saturday, February 23, 2013 12:10 a.m.

Roadside trash another sign we’ve lost pride in our land

As a resident in the western part of the county, I frequently stop at the intersection where Graham and Caldwell roads intersect N.C. 150. When I sit at the stop sign, I face a sign that reads “NC Scenic Byway,” with an arrow pointing toward Salisbury.

Lately all the beauty of the land is immensely cluttered with trash. When I say trash, that means cans, bursting trash bags, tires and who knows what. With a gloomy economy, lack of harmony in politics and so many public shootings, have we given up and lost having pride in our land? It is our responsibility and the law to keep our land clean.

Keeping our scenic roads beautiful is one opportunity where we can be in charge.

— Millicent Hoffner

Mt. Ulla

Government should butt out

Our state government is going overboard, allowing bans on smoking at parks, beaches and perhaps even apartments and condominium. This has happened in Santa Monica, Calif. I know, because I moved from California to North Carolina to get away from overbearing anti-states’ rights restrictions. Control over the individual, even into your car or living abode, is a line I will not condone.

It’s the same with all individual rights. The government has no authority over your personal rights, be it guns, religion or smoking legally obtained cigarettes in your car, in parks or your home.

I ask our politico types to follow the U.S. Constitution, and butt out!

For example, it’s all right to blast 20 tons of fireworks at a football game or monster truck rally, but you cannot smoke a cigarette at those events. I moved here to get away from California’s communism. Now I guess I and thousands of others will have to move to South Carolina for freedom. Thanks a lot for your lies about loving freedom. It’s sad, and another loss to the already depressed economy.

— Randy Smith


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