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  • Posted: Friday, November 30, 2012 6:42 a.m.

...Mall owner would sell to Rowan-Salisbury School System

Brad Massey:
Lets say he is willing to sell the mall for what he paid for it which is $2.5 million. Then you add in that it would basically have to be remodeled to fit the school system’s needs at what I would guess would be at very least another $2.5 million. Add to that the $400,000 already spent you would have close to $5.5 million invested into a building 26 years old and probably in the long run would need more than the 2.5 million spent in upkeep.

It all sounds like a grand idea till one starts crunching the numbers ...

Mike Jones:
Looks like it’s worth studying this option. The county should buy it, convert part of it to what the school needs and rent out the rest. Or at least that is one possibility.

... City investigates possible sexual misconduct within fire department

Cale Alligood
Not long ago the fire department had everyone’s sympathetic heart, in the wake of it greatest tragedy ever. This group of men and women had the attention of the region, state, and even national spot light, these guys became heroes to the people they serve. The actions of a few should never change the public’s view of the department... These are the people who we do not want to discourage by slanderous comments or hurtful words. They take pride in their ability to influence others for the good. These guys need their communities continued support in what they do every day.

... Facing cancer, James Shepherd loses ride

Phillip Bradshaw:
Hey car thief, now that you know who’s cars you stole how about leaving this families car parked somewhere and go to a pay phone and calling the police to let them know where it is. You don’t have to leave your name and they want know who you are. Do the right thing!

... School board members approve increase to board stipends

Teresa Rowell:
I was of two minds after I read this earlier today — on the one hand, they do deserve a raise. I mean, don’t we all? On the other, so do our teachers! That 2.2 percent our teachers got last year was after years of zippo. Sorry BofE — you should share the pain just like rest of the RSS employees (and the rest of us out in the working world!).

Clay Boger:
I love the fact it was referred to as a pay “hike” They forgot to mention our insurance also went up, some more than the 2.2 percent covered. They received much more than a 2.2 percent For those that need the math, the chairman received roughly a 13 percent, the vice chair received a 17.5 percent and the rest got 15 percent.

I guess it’s easy to set your own paycheck when you’re the ones voting on it.

... A contest for holiday lights? Brilliant!

Doug Sokolowski:
You’re onto something here, Wineka. My wife and kids will be very appreciative when the list is published. Our old favorite was on Goodson Road, but the family stopped putting on the show last year. Also, this contest will put you 1 step closer to legendary status here in Rowan County.

... Pieces of Bernhardt’s Christmas still alive in Salisbury

Charlotte Cooper Cherry:
I know that I, personally, will never forget that store or its Christmas display. It was the thing that fueled every child’s imagination with “Could it be true...”

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