Letters to the editor (11-03-12)

  • Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 7:42 p.m.

Yadkin Hotel was glamorous place
The Salisbury Post really made my day and week with the recent article about the Yadkin Hotel and picture of the lobby.
When I was a little girl, back in the 1950s, I lived on North Lee Street, and my grandparents lived on East Liberty. We would walk to town, and whoever I was with (my mama or grandfather), we had to pass the Yadkin. One day someone took me into the lobby, and I fell in love with all the glamour that room held. I stood there with my mouth open and took in every detail. After that, I didn’t miss a chance to go in the lobby and just stare. Nobody ever spoke a word to me; they probably got used to the little red-haired girl coming in to daydream.
A month or so ago, there was a notice about the Yadkin House asking for memorabilia. I told my friend Linda Beck about my love for the lobby and she did some research for me at the library. Seeing the picture in the Post brought back good memories.
I remember walking to town from my grandparents’ and stopping to watch the conveyer in operation at the Cheerwine plant. That was very interesting! Just think how far Cheerwine has came. Back then, they only used glass bottles in one size. Now you have plastic bottles and cans. But Cheerwine tastes better in a cold glass bottle.
The last thing on this walk down memory lane is the Christmas display in Bernhardt’s. I always looked forward to that and couldn’t wait to take my children. Two of my grandchildren also got to see it.
There are so many good memories from downtown Salisbury, but the Yadkin Hotel lobby remains No. 1. Thanks again for the picture. It just didn’t have a little red-haired girl standing in the middle of that beautiful lobby.
— Frankie Taylor

Team Knollwood

The first quarter for Team Knollwood has been very busy. During the first quarter, we had a math night at Food Lion, held our fall festival and strengthened our faith-based partnerships. Staff members are working diligently to implement the common core and essential standards. These standards assist us in our efforts to help children become better readers, writers, problem solvers and thinkers.  
Because we recognize the value of each day that we are allowed to be a part of our students’ lives, our motto this year is “Everybody, Every Day, All Day, No Excuses.”
We extend to you an invitation to be part of a team that includes awesome students, a dedicated staff and supportive parents. As educators, we face many challenges; however, we choose to seek solutions.  
Join Team Knollwood as we aspire to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way to assure that our students have an extraordinary future.
— Shonda Hairston

Enough party guys
Every four years, we Americans do the same thing over and over. We go to the polls and vote for change, but the only change we get is swapping one fall guy for another.
Change will never come from swapping presidents every four years. This letter is not an endorsement for any candidate. Let’s say, for example, Mitt Romney wins. He will spend the first two years changing personnel and trying to swing power to the Republicans. The next two years, the Republicans and Democrats will wage a power struggle at our expense. Four years from now, we will be in the same predicament.
What we need is not Democrats or Republicans but bipartisan people who work together for the good of the country. If you want change, let’s start cleaning out the members of Congress who vote  for their party instead of for the good of the country. We need to stop voting party and vote for people who get the job done.
Let’s start holding these people accountable. Watch how your representatives vote on issues.
— Matt Simmons

Give prez a break
The hatred that has been spewed out in the Salisbury Post over President Obama seems unprecedented to me.
President Obama has stopped cold another great recession, shored up the automobile industry, created millions more jobs and is trying to humanely bring in health care for everyone.
To call this man “evil” is blasphemy!
He inherited trillions of dollars in debt, a horrible housing crisis, not to mention all of the garbage going on in other parts of the world that affects our economy.  Give the guy a break, for Pete’s sake!
— Jennifer Doering

Talk show nonsense
If nothing else, the election seems to be bringing out the editorial comments from those of us who do not ordinarily make public statements, and today I find myself included in that group.
Last week, I heard out nation’s president use the term regarding Mitt Romney that he was a “BS-er.” Then, on the David Letterman show, the vice president said the No. 1 reason for voting early was “I hope to hell you voted.”
Now, I have never been accused of being a prude. However, it really makes me wonder whether either of these gentlemen are truly the best spokesman Americans have to offer to represent us across the continent.
Floods, hunger, fear, unemployment, fires, power outages, budget deficits and droughts — Washington, there is so much urgency facing our nation, it amazes me our leaders can take time for late-night talk show nonsense. I for one am glad Mitt Romney has better things to do with his time than entertain America.
I am not rich, nor poor. I do not want a hand out, just a hand up. I know what a “BS-er” is, and I know what hell is about. I voted early.
— Nancy W. Vick

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