Letters to the editor - Thursday (9-13-2012)

  • Posted: Friday, September 14, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Friday, September 14, 2012 10:11 a.m.

Thanks to a caring, giving community
On behalf of Debbie and Dale Plummer, we would like to offer a heartfelt “thank you”! The benefit golf tournament held at Corbin Hills on Sept. 8 was a tremendous success.
Financially, the benefit far exceeded all expectations. This was made possible by family, friends, golfers and local businesses. The turnout of golfers required that we had teams playing both in the morning and afternoon.
Local businesses like Corbin Hills Golf Club, R.H. Barringer, United Beverage, Cheerwine, Apple Ugly, Harwood Signs and many more made generous donations. These donations allowed everyone to have plenty of food and drink. Additionally, all golfers received a door prize.
The true winner from this community event was everyone in attendance. They got to share a day of prayers, laughs, tears and hope!
Thanks to everyone for their support,
— Perry VonCanon
Good deeds
I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for the kindness and helpful treatment I received recently when I had reason to be in your local Register of Deeds Office.
I came to Salisbury several months ago to file a promissory note at your Register of Deeds Office. I was inexperienced in these matters and did not have the proper papers that I needed to accomplish this task. The gentleman who assisted me at this time was extremely nice and helpful, and he informed me what I needed to do.
I then went to one of your local legal firms and obtained the help I needed.
I then went back to the Rowan County Register of Deeds to file these papers, and again I was met with the same extreme kindness and helpfulness I experienced on my first trip several months before.
I traveled the Carolinas for about 20 years as a medical representative, and I have found the people in Salisbury to be very kind and helpful, which makes me know that Salisbury would be a very nice place to work and live.
I look forward to my next trip to Salisbury.
— Johnny Cowart
Reducing teen drinking
As a physician, I often counsel parents of teenagers to be extra vigilant against underage drinking. Parents often are surprised to hear that most youth who drink obtain alcohol from within their own home or from other adults.
The Federal Trade Commission’s “We Don’t Serve Teens” campaign includes an informative website (www.dontserveteens.gov) where parents can get useful information on how to reduce teens’ access to alcohol. This public service campaign and greater parental vigilance are clearly having a positive effect. The latest federal statistics show that alcohol consumption and binge drinking rates among teenage boys and girls have continued their long-term decline, reaching historically low levels. Equally important, the number of teens who report it’s easy to obtain alcohol also continues to decline.
Here’s my advice to parents: keep a watchful eye on your teen’s activity both inside and outside of the home; make clear your disapproval of underage drinking; and work to maintain an open dialogue with your son or daughter. Even though parents believe their teens are not listening to them, the research shows otherwise — parents have the most influence over their teenager’s decision to drink or not to drink.
— Raymond Scalettar, M.D.
Washington, D.C.
Scalettar is clinical professor of medicine at George Washington University Medical Center, former chairman of the American Medical Association and medical advisor to the Distilled Spirits Council.

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