Historic Salisbury Foundation has long list of saved properties

  • Posted: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 3:29 a.m.

Periodically over recent weeks and months, Historic Salisbury Foundation has listed some of the properties saved by the foundation over its 40 years.
These are the remaining properties preserved and protected in the North Long Street-Park Avenue, Kesler Manufacturing and Salisbury Railroad Corridor and within some non-designated historic district areas.
Today's list includes two properties outside the city.
Properties designated with one asterisk are those on which the foundation spent considerable funds, and two asterisks designate the properties were donated to HSF.
North Long Street-Park Avenue Historic District:
525 N. Long St. - Turner-Putnam House
424 Park Ave. - McCanless-McCubbins House*
429 Park Ave. - Kesler-Rufty House
Kesler Manufacturing Historic District:
631 N. Boundary St. - D. L. Arey House
Salisbury Railroad Corridor Historic District:
230 E. Kerr St. - Overman-Frick Building
200 Block of Depot St. - Salisbury Railroad Station*
600 Block of N. Lee St. - Thomas and Howard Warehouse**
Other Areas of Salisbury:
114 S. Caldwell St.- Tarlton-Cleaver House**
210 S. Caldwell St. - Kluttz-Bass House**
516 W. Bank St. - John Knox Cottage
520 W. Bank St. - Knox Cottage
600 N. Church St. - Grimes Mill*
125 N. Fulton St. - Marsh-Ward House
711 N. Fulton St. - Thomas Conrad House
903 S. Fulton St. - Barnhardt House (commercial)*
907 S. Fulton St. - Lentz House*
920 S. Fulton St. - Nussman House
305 E. Innes St. - Bernhardt House*
501 E. Lafayette St. - Thomas House
530 W. Monroe St. - Lash House**
205 E. Miller St. - Kesler House
Outside of City:
Kern Carlton Road - Peter Kern House
3850 E. Ridge Road - Fisher-Cruse House

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