Blotter - Three face drug charges after apartment search turns up cocaine

  • Posted: Wednesday, December 2, 2009 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Wednesday, December 2, 2009 2:04 a.m.

Salisbury Police charged two men and a woman with cocaine possession after they searched an apartment and found the drugs underneath a mattress.
Drexton Lakent Lowe, 39, Ronald Lester McClellan, 45, and Shannon Walton Stirewalt, 32, were charged Nov. 24 with felony possession of a schedule II controlled substance at 550 Lafayette Circle.
All three remain in the Rowan County Detention Center under a $1,000 secured bond.
In other Police Department reports:
- Derrion Taylor Crawford, 16, of 707 S. Valley St., Landis, was additionally charged Nov. 24 with one count first-degree burglary, nine counts breaking and entering motor vehicles and seven counts for his involvement in a burglary ring that began after a teen's parents reported her missing.
- Emma Evonne Houston, 35, of 236 Pearl St. Apt. P, was charged Nov. 24 with passing a counterfeit check in the amount of $438.87 on Oct. 2 at American Check Cashiers located at 107 N. Main St.
- Gary William Highley reports Nov. 24 he was robbed of cash and cigarettes at 306 N. Jackson St.
- John Matthew Rich reported Nov. 22 a breaking and entering occurred at 727 N. Main St.
- Wendy Joy Zech reported Nov. 25 that her vehicle was stolen at 808 W. Fisher St. The vehicle was later recovered but her purse remains missing.
- Katrilya A. Patterson reported Nov. 22 someone walked on the hood and windshield of her car at 207 S. Clay St. The hood was dented and the windshield cracked.
- Timothy Andrew White reported Nov. 22 someone drew on his car window with a marker at 706 Willow Road.
- Someone reported Nov. 22 that grafitti was spray painted on the street at 728 Mack St.
- Sidney Drew Arey reported Nov. 22 that suspects broke into 1125 Sidney Drive.
- Sandra Jenkins Manigo reported Nov. 22 a stolen vehicle at 223 W. 12th St.
- A 41-year-old woman reported Nov. 23 at 612 Mocksville Ave. that she was head-butted by her boyfriend, who then sat on her. He took her cell phone so she could not call police.
- Family Dollar Store reported Nov. 23 that someone attempted to force his or her way into the store at 410 E. Innes St.
- Magic Mart reported Nov. 23 that a man and woman took a telephone from the store at 725 S. Jake Alexander Blvd. without paying.
- Big Lots reported Nov. 23 that two women and a man concealed items and attempted to leave the store at 1935 W. Jake Alexander Blvd. One woman ran out of the store and left the bag with stolen items behind.
- Ethel Louise Smith reported Nov. 22 someone stole her purse at 425 E. Council St.
- Kenneth Barry Williams reported Nov. 23 that two offenders tried to rob his residence at 316 Woodson St.
- A 21-year-old woman reported being assaulted on Nov. 24 at Camp Road.
- Anthony Thomas Rhodes, 29, was charged Nov. 22 with misdemeanor larceny from Food Lion at 525 W. Jake Alexander Blvd.
- Cezar Albeto Trujillo, 24, was charged Nov. 22 with misdemeanor larceny at 525 W. Jake Alexander Blvd. The store reported someone took beer from the store by concealing it in a long black leather coat.
- Michael Raynard Blakeney, 45, was charged Nov. 22 with misdemeanor assault on a female at 1604 N. Long St.
- Michelle Mae Mitchell, 31, was charged Nov. 22 with misdemeanor injury to personal property at 130 E. Liberty St.
- Maurice D. Lamb, 31, was charged Nov. 23 with misdemeanor assault on a female at 321 Woodson St.
- Christopher Dale Grimes, 37, of 2820 Cannon Farm Road, China Grove was charged Nov. 24 with preventing activation of an anti-shoplifting device. He was arrested at Kmart at 815 E. Innes St. after opening a video game to steal the contents.
- Jeannie Juan Morales, 39, was charged Nov. 24 with misdemeanor contributing to the delinquency of a minor at 130 E. Liberty St.
- Antonio Devon Henderson, 27, was charged Nov. 22 with misdemeanor defrauding an innkeeper at 1901 W. Innes St.
- Sharon Lee Day, 52, was charged with misdemeanor larceny Nov. 23 from Wal-Mart at 323 S. Arlington St. The store reported the value of the stolen items was $84.58. The items were returned and resalable.
- Donald Ray Beatty, 45, was charged Nov. 24 with felony motor vehicle theft at 118 W. Liberty St.

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