Deeds Feb. 23

  • Posted: Friday, February 22, 2008 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 12:02 a.m.

Real estate transfers filed in the office of Register of Deeds Bobbie M. Earnhardt with sale price indicated by revenue stamps. Deeds with no stamps are not listed.
Atwell Township
Patricia C. Allen and husband to Donald J. Fessler and wife, $150,000.
Teresa C. Griffin and husband to Maurice F. Sesia, $75,000.
Michael Biggs and wife to Fred J. Nonnenmacher and wife, $200,000.
China Grove Township
Patricia Faggart Tyson and husband to Charles E. Seaford and wife, $163,000.
Roger T. Hall and wife to Traci L. Honeycutt, $120,000.
Samuel W. Pressley and wife to JDL Homes Inc., $40,000.
Glenn Garris and wife to JDL Homes Inc, $74,000.
Christopher Scott Reavis to Tao Lo and wife, $75,000.
Tonya K. Lewis to Ronald E. Messer, $49,000.
Franklin Township
Q&L Development LLC to Dream Builders of Rowan LLC, $15,500.
Sheri Chepeleff to Fisher and Morris Builders Inc., $25,000.
Gold Hill Township
Matthew Miles Price to John M. Moseley and wife, $100,000.
Howard R. Hurlocker and wife to Jason F. Smith and wife, $26,000.
Locke Township
CMH Homes Inc., DBA Clayton Homes to Nicole W. Eller, $62,000.
Morgan Township
Cecil J. Sargent and wife to Charles French, $4,500.
Providence Township
D. Keith Yount and wife to Thomas C. Abramowski and others, $200,000.
Lanny T. Merrell and wife and others to Robin Moore, $180,000.
Mt. Ulla Township
Krista Oliphant Zamudio and husband to Jason Oliphant and wife, $30,000.
Countrytyme NC LLC to James Russell Wallace, $46,000.
Rowan County
L.D. Terry and others to David M. Barber and wife, $6,000.
Jacob Roy Pethel Jr. and wife to John K. Hess and wife, $45,000.
Richard Guy Etheridge and others to Billy Joe Myers and wife, $90,000.
Craig D. Voss and wife to Dennis Miller and wife, $65,000.
Dana L. Franklin to Pamela M. Sutton, $138,000.
An P. Lam and wife to Delores Mills, $104,000.
Richard P. McNeely, as substitute trustee to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as trustee, $137,000.
Donna Coston to 518 North West Street LLC, $5,000.
Richard L. Moore and wife and others to Randal Addison and others, $230,000.
Brock & Scott PLLC, as substitute trustee to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., $87,500.
Marcus W. Brown and Barbara E. Brown, co-trustees of the Brown Living Trust to Louis J. Antosek and wife, $19,500.
Steven J. Keck and wife to Terry K. Tipton, $85,000.
Bradley Nance, as Commissioner, to Cedar Crest Enterprises LLC, $40,000.
James Steven Land and wife to Nicholas P. Palmore, $53,000.
James C. Patterson and wife, as trustees of the Patterson Living Trust to Myra L. Stollings, $26,500.
Minnie Lou Fairbanks to Kim Hartsell Pryor, $66,000.
Charles Wayne Harrington, to Shawn E. Browning and wife, $169,000.
Kellam & Pettit P.A., as substitute trustee to EMC Mortgage Corporation, $67,000.
Kellam & Pettit P.A., as substitute trustee to VirtualBank, $60,000.
Willard C. Thompson III and wife to Rowan Health Services Corp., $197,000.
Rowan Health Services Corp. to Willard C. Thompsoon III and wife, $197,000.
Etna Moreno to Leandro C. Cardona, Sr. and wife, $135,000.
N.R.L.L. East LLC to Maria Gomez, $10,000.
Hector Carbajal and wife to Gwendolyn Selvey, $114,000.
Carrie Ruth Pethel Miller and others to Jerry Williams and wife, $35,000.
Grady I. Ingle, as substitute trustee to HSBC Bank USA N.A., as trustee, $80,000.
Piedmont B&A Developers LLC to KPG Real Estate Holdings LLC, $256,000.
U.S. Bank National Association, as trustee to Daniel M. Brown and wife, $70,000.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., as trustee to Power Properties LLC, $35,000.
Brock & Scott PLLC, as substitute trustee to Martin Marietta Materials Inc., $59,000.
Bank of New York, as trustee to Kahle Giesen, $141,000.
Anthony Swaray and wife to Anthony M. Vaughters and others, $124,500.
Russell F. Stephens Jr. and wife to Michael Douglas Duggins and wife, $225,000.
Wells Fargo Bank, as trustee to Jess R. Kumher and wife, $86,000.
Northern Lights Properties LLC to Rickey Dale Moose and others, $41,000.
George W. Conser Jr. and wife to Dieter Floeth and wife, $50,000.
Michael J. Wright and wife to Lagreca LLC, $235,000.
Terry W. Medley and wife to Michael J. Wright and wife, $466,500.
Salisbury Township
Hugh Spencer Young Jr. and wife to Matthew M. Price, $95,000.
Dennis J. Wilks to Joel Stofford and others, $21,000.
Dennis J. Wilks to Joel Stofford and others, $10,000.
Larry C. Phillips and wife to Michael M. Hollingsworth and wife, $3,000.

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