Jill Earnhardt: Making a difference

Abe Daniels: Get the facts on police presence at J.C. Price carnival

N.C.’s elections system gets high marks

Bruce LaRue: A conversation in the White House

Q&A with Rick Dove: Pollution impacting eastern N.C. health, economy

Optimistic Futurist: Serious food fight needed

John Hood: Choice program deserves defense

Scott Mooneyham: Withholdings drop ratchets up Tax Day pressure

Leonard Pitts: From Manhattan to Washington, Indians get snookered

Kathleen Parker: Erasing the race card

Steve Paul: Tea leaves suggest Clinton would be formidable candidate

Scott Mooneyham: Debate heats up on tuition help

Elizabeth Cook: Primaries of ultimate importance

Tom Campbell: What’s the issue?

Colbert hardly a threat to ‘heartland’

Money does talk, but for some it’s a mute point

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