Wineka column: After 50 years, Milford Hills Methodist's barbecue is like an old friend

Always moving, Fannie Gaither lived 107 full years

Wineka column: A brother appears out of nowhere

Wineka column: Local men make fact-finding trip to Montagnard people in Vietnam

Wineka column: Eagle project a memorial for Marine killed in Iraq

Animal advocates to Rowan County: End the gassing now

‘With a shout of joy’ — Paul Hill’s tombstone celebrates the man and his guitar

Red hawk down, but not for long

Wineka column: Patterson’s bottle display at Transportation Museum milks nostalgia

Wineka column: As Mississippi college student, Young saw the power of MLK

Wineka column: Lee Wade heads a family crusade against sound of silence

Wineka column: Panthers bus driver Gary Roseborough hands out crosses by the pocketful

Wineka column: Vickie Carter retires after 21 years of asking ‘What would you like today?’ at Hap’s Grill

Wineka column: Some delicious, historic and worldy names to consider for the mall

Sports figures, doctors, community leaders among those who left us in 2013

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