District Court Oct. 16

  • Posted: Friday, May 13, 2011 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Friday, May 13, 2011 11:14 a.m.

District Court
Abbreviation Key
CAAF—Court-appointed attorney fee
CSW—Community service work
LDP—Limited driving privilege
NA—Notice of appeal
NG—Not guilty
NR—Not responsible
PJC/C—Prayer for judgment continued/court costs
SAA—Substance abuse assessment
VD—Dismissal without leave by district attorney
Disposition of cases heard Oct. 16 in Rowan District Criminal Court by Judge Kevin Eddinger:
- Speeding — Latrina Jeanette Bahar, Eddie C. Binns, Alton Perkins II, Rashekur Rahman, Phillip Alfonso Ransom, $30 fine, court cost; Demarcus D. Davidson, Johnny Lee Hovis, Randy Wade Lackey, Cynthia Ann Manahan, $15 fine, court cost; Linda Pendergraf Hall, Kevin Lee Jackson, Clyde Lee Miller, Tina Wright Powell, Michael B. Schaefer, Jerry Robert Ward, PJC/C; Jason Patrick Hart, $50 fine, court cost, LDP; Shanequa Ricks, $45 fine, court cost; Albert Treasure, also expired/no inspection sticker, $45 fine, court cost.
- Driving while impaired — Aggrester Earl Bell, 12 months, suspended, two years probation, special probation of seven days in jail, $750 fine, court cost, NA, also hit-run/failure to stop/property damage, 90 days at expiration of first sentence, suspended, two years probation, $250 fine, NA, also unsafe lane change, NR; Crystal Renee Sidden, 12 months, suspended, three years probation, six months intensive probation, special probation of 10 days in jail, $1,000 fine, court cost, CAAF, $300 lab fee, SAA, also driving left of center, VD; Gregory Allen Wilson, VD, also driving while license revoked, VD, also misdemeanor failure to appear, $50 fine, court cost.
- Exceeding safe speed — Patrick Ryan Burris, $60 fine, court cost, also driver failure to wear seat belt, court cost consolidated; Ryan Perry Furr, VD.
- Carrying concealed weapon — Johnny Jeremiah Castor, 60 days, suspended, 18 months probation, $100 fine, court cost, 24 hours CSW, weapon to be destroyed.
- Public disturbance — Winslow Cherry Jr., VD; Raleigh Joseph Watson, PJC/C.
- Misdemeanor larceny — Kenneth James Fleming, PJC/C, CAAF; Shauntice A. Glascoe, PJC/C.
- Assault on a female — Terry Lane Graham, 60 days, suspended, one year probation, $50 fine, court cost, CAAF, not assault, threaten or harass Sylvia Graham, also communicating threats, VD; Danny Lee Peeler Jr., DC, also communicating threats, DC.
- Possession of up to ¾ ounce of marijuana — William Neil Hannah, one year probation, $100 fine, court cost, CAAF, SAA, Adets program, 24 hours CSW.
- Simple affray — Erica Harris, PJC/C; Lasheica Stofford, NG.
- Driving while license revoked — Bonnie Maureen Hughes, PJC/C, CAAF; Alfred Ricky Taylor, 60 days, credit 60 days served; Donta Lashan Wilson, 30 days, suspended, one year probation, $200 fine, court cost, Life Skills course.
- Possessing/displaying fictitious, cancelled, revoked registration card/tag — Cleveland Melvin Rhone, VD, also operating vehicle with no insurance, VD.
- Harassing phone call — Johnny O'Neal Russ, 15 days, suspended, one year probation, court cost, aftercare treatment, no contact with South Rowan High School unless it's an emergency and he's sober.
- Second-degree trespassing — Jamar O'Brien Still, PJC/C.
- Careless and reckless driving — Melvin Ray Thorne, $50 fine, court cost.
- Unsafe movement — Ricky Boyd Vanzant Jr., $100 fine, court cost.
- Expired registration card/tag — Matthew Cory Wilson, also expired/no inspection sticker and failure to stop for steady red light, VD in all three cases.

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