May Superior Probation Court

  • Posted: Friday, August 5, 2011 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 12:21 a.m.

May Superior Probation Court
Disposition of cases heard the weeks of May 23 and 31 in Rowan Superior Probation Court by Judge Joseph Crosswhite:
Abbreviation key:
CAAF ˝ Court-appointed attorney fee
CSW ˝ Community service work
Felony probation violation ˝ Kayla Arrowood, willful violation, probation to be terminated unsuccessfully upon payment of $7,000; Candice Michelle Kimmer, willful violation, 6-to-8-month sentence invoked, jail credit, DART program recommended if eligible; Geoff Andrew Perry, three charges, willful violations, three 5-to-6-month sentences invoked with second and third at expiration of previous, jail credit, DART program recommended if eligible, pay $500 CAAF; Terry Alfonzo Sherrill Jr., willful violation, 8-to-10-month sentence invoked, jail credit, DART program recommended; Gregory Banks, two charges, 6-to-8-month and 60-day sentence invoked at defendantÝs request, jail credit, DART program recommended; Gregory Lee Crawford Jr., probation terminated unsuccessfully; Felipe Ramar Figueroa, probation terminated unsuccessfully, pay $300 CAAF, transfer supervision to Cabarrus County; Wendy Bateman Leazer, continue on probation under former orders; Jeana Moore Vause, willful violation, supervised probation extended to a total of 60 months, serve 48 hours special probation in jail at direction of probation officer.
Misdemeanor probation violation ˝ Stanley Wane Caviness, two charges, willful violations, two 120-day sentenced invoked with second to run concurrently with first, jail credit, pay $150 CAAF; Kelly Michelle Shoaf, probation terminated successfully; Shaun Sindle, probation terminated unsuccessfully; .
Felony probation violation out-of-county ˝ Derek Lamarque Chambers, probation extended 3 years; Debbie Hogan Steele, continue on probation; Gordon Thomas Taylor, willful violation, 8-to-10-month sentence invoked, jail credit, also misdemeanor probation violation, willful violation, 45-day sentence invoked; Joshua Ryan Dayvault, willful violation, 13-to-16-month sentence invoked, pay $150 CAAF, DART program recommended; Matthew Ryan Fowler, 6-8 months, suspended, 30 months supervised probation, complete 50 hours CSW and pay fee, pay court cost, $200 fine and $240 CAAF, submit to warrantless searches and drug testing, to be arrested and held without bond pending hearing in Superior Court if any positive test, not use/possess illegal controlled substance, obtain substance abuse assessment and comply with recommendations; Bryan Blair Starnes, willful violation, 16-to-20-month sentence invoked, DART program recommended, also two charges felony probation violation, willful violations, two 12-to-15-month sentences invoked to run concurrently, jail credit.
Misdemeanor probation violation out-of-county ˝ Michael Flake, willful violation, 75-day sentence invoked, jail credit, pay $225 CAAF; Zaki Torrence, probation terminated successfully, remit remaining $40 due.

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