Letters to the editor - Monday (10-29-2012)

  • Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 7:41 p.m.

Don’t shut door on Waffle House
The city’s attempt to rezone parts of East Innes Street to prevent the placement of a new Waffle House restaurant is unfair and counterproductive. In what world is the 400 and 500 block of East Innes “Residential Mix”? East Innes is NC Highway 52. Empty storefronts on the city’s gateway street do not indicate a prosperous city.
What’s next? Will downtown be zoned Residential Mix because folks are living in apartments on the second floor of business buildings?
I certainly understand the neighborhood’s concerns about safety and criminal behavior. What I don’t understand is why the city and the police don’t do something about the problems at the Wilco service station. If the Wilco is a known “hot spot” for criminal activity, why hasn’t something been done about it? Other businesses that have been troublesome have lost their ABC permits or been shut down. It’s unreasonable to restrict the establishment of a new business because the police are unable or unwilling to control negative activity in an existing business.
Dick Huffman’s statement, “A lot of people have never eaten at Waffle House sober,” was unprofessional and showed a lack of knowledge. Mr. Huffman is a member of the planning board. I believe his statement was a direct conflict of interest. My husband and I have eaten at Waffle House restaurants on many occasions when we travel, because the restaurants are conveniently located and food quality is consistent. We have never witnessed disruptive behavior. We have, however, seen Waffle House managers refuse service to inebriated folks.
Restricting a business based on its hours of operation is not a guarantee that the business will be well managed or law abiding. Anyone who believes that it does, is naďve. It is my hope that the planning board and the city council will realize that “back room tactics” that discriminate against legitimate business are not in the city’s best interest.
— Karen C. Lilly-Bowyer

Emergency aid
I just want to say thanks  to the EMS and Fire Department personnel who responded to an emergency at Aldi on Tuesday. We were shopping and happened to notice them in the front of the store. They were doing CPR on a man. They all worked extremely hard for 18 minutes and finally were able to get a pulse from him. Thank you for what you did. I do not know the man personally but watched you all work very hard together to save this man’s life. And another thank you to the couple who did the CPR on him until paramedics arrived. You all did an amazing job saving this man. And I know that his family will forever thank you as well.
— Tammy Whitlatch

Just like Broadway
Last night’s opening performance of “The Color Purple: The Musical About Love” by the Piedmont Players Theater group was incredible! Twenty-nine songs with a backup of an orchestra, voices that sky-rocketed into space with “a beautiful story about life and love you won’t soon forget.” The choreography direction of Tod A. Kubo and the precision of stage setting changes were unbelievably awesome!  A grand way to celebrate and support  local talent.  Congrats to all performers for a perfect production and a night that felt just like Broadway!  
— Judy McDaniel

Marsh for board
As you go to vote on Early Voting days or wait until Nov. 6 to exercise your rights, I urge you to make the right decision for Rowan-Salisbury School Board.  Lynn Marsh would be the candidate that represents the best choice at this pivotal time in education for the Rowan-Salisbury Schools.
Dr. Marsh’s experience brings a sense of stability to the board. She has been a stakeholder in every position, from the classroom to the principal’s office, Dr. Marsh has shown the qualifications to foster growth on any level.  She “C’s” it!  Through Collaboration, Cooperation, Commitment, and Compassion, she has the ability to clarify the issues and address the problems.
In conclusion, a vote for Lynn Marsh would be a vote for progress. I encourage each of you to cast your ballot for a candidate who will be a voice for not only you but our children and those that teach your children.
— Lex Graham

Why Obama?
How can anyone still support Barack Obama?
Throughout this entire election season, I have refrained from opining in the Post. Since the evidence of what happened in Libya has been truly exposed, I can stand it no longer. The fact that the president of the United States would rather sit back and not only ignore, but actually withhold support for Americans who were under attack and killed is frightening. That he did so, lied to the American people to cover it up, and even had someone arrested and imprisoned over some benign video is reprehensible and disgusting.  
My question: How in heaven’s name can any responsible, America-loving person support Barack Obama at this point? I’m not even talking Republicans and Democrats now — I am talking about the man. His supporters have pooh-poohed all the worrisome things of the last few years:  His sketchy past and questionable associates, lack of appreciation for American exceptionalism, his deference to Islam and indifference to Christianity and Judaism, obvious disdain for our military and national security, and dogged determination to incorporate policies that will bring our nation down. Even if people were duped by his supposed charisma in 2008, how can he still have supporters?
Folks, our nation and the good things she has always stood for are in trouble. Our values are crumbling along with our family structure. Our economy will never be strong as long as success is undermined and laziness and irresponsibility are rewarded.
I will admit — Mitt Romney was not initially my first choice for the Republican nomination.  I regret that, now that I have seen enough to appreciate his intelligence, character, business acumen and calm steadiness.  America will be blessed when the mistake made in 2008 is corrected and he occupies the White House.
May God forgive us and bless America.
— Julie Blalock

Re-elect Kissell
I am one of a growing number of “conservatives for Kissell.” I have  never voted for a Democrat in a national election. I own and operate an outdoor specialty retail store in Albemarle. I have been very impressed with Rep. Larry Kissell’s commitment to Second Amendment rights. His support on this issue earned him the endorsement of the National Rifle Association. The endorsement speaks volumes, but for a non-Republican candidate to receive this coveted endorsement is a real testament to his commitment. 
As important as gun ownership rights are to me personally, this is not the most compelling reason that I have decided to vote for Mr. Kissell. He has displayed a passionate commitment to recapturing manufacturing jobs not only for this district but for our nation. Larry has been a genuine supporter of small business in the 8th Congressional District. He recognizes that great strides can be made in the pursuit of bringing manufacturing jobs back to this country by supporting small businesses.
I am impressed by and appreciative of what Larry has already done — why start over and hope for as strong a commitment from a new representative? Mr. Kissell’s level of integrity, character and reputation speak for themselves. I for one am not cynical enough to believe that everyone in Washington is corrupt (while there is plenty of that in the capital!). Larry is evidence that there are “good” people representing us, too. My conservative, gun-owning, small-business hat is in the ring for Larry Kissell.
— Nathan Davis

Vote for Shoemaker
I write this letter in support of Barry Shoemaker and his desire to serve our community on the Cabarrus Board of Education.  I have known Barry for many years through his volunteer work in our community with the Hispanic Learning Center. I also had the opportunity to serve with him on as a member of the Cabarrus County Planning and Zoning Commission.
I was always impressed with his willingness to serve and seek out the best solutions to some of the tough questions that we face today. I have watched his participation on boards and commissions and see the problem solving capabilities that he possesses.
I believe that Barry offers himself for this position because of his love of community and wanting to see our education system improved.
Please consider Barry for the Cabarrus Board of Education if you want to see an improvement in education quality with the intent of providing the taxpayers the value they deserve.
— Roger Haas

Endorsement letters
Letters endorsing candidates in the Nov. 6 election must be received at the Salisbury Post by 5 p.m. Tuesday (Oct. 30).

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