Letters to the editor - Saturday (10-27-2012)

  • Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 7:41 p.m.

Political correctness haunts Halloween

There are some schools across the nation that are banning Halloween parties. The reasoning is that because some kids can’t afford costumes, their feelings will be hurt by the kids at the party who can afford costumes. What the school is saing is that if a few can’t partake, nobody can partake. Doesn’t seem like the best approach to foster care and concern toward others. This is more like a recipe for animosity and resentment. Yet these are the feelings our educated educators are instilling in our young.

Welcome to the knee-jerk world of political correctness — a place where you leap before you look.

The problem here is that there shouldn’t be a problem. If you don’t like Halloween because of the candy or religious concerns, don’t participate. Missing a day of school shouldn’t cause one to flunk the year. You can’t afford a costume? Be resourceful and creative (good life skills). A little makeup from mom and some clothes from a sibling or parent, and you’re set.

Perhaps a teacher or the school could spring for some face paint. This wouldn’t be a budget-buster, and the interaction of face painting between students and teachers is healthy and fund.

Let the kids have their party. Give them a treat this Halloween and not the trick you have in store.

— Allan Gilmour


Thanks for all your help

Oh, what a wonderful community we live in! Thank you to all of you who have had fundraisers for our daughter, Kenzey Smith. 

We have been so blessed with the people who have organized, supported, donated, gave of their time, gave money and prayed. There have been several fundraisers the past two months. There was the Sept. 15 golf tournament  at Foxwood golf course, the fundraiser and bake sale and the fish fry at Grace Lutheran Church on Oct. 13. There are so many people who have given of themselves in some way or another that we dare not try to name you all for fear of leaving someone out. Please know that we are so grateful to you all. No matter how big or small you think your part was, it is a huge part to our family! The prayers, generosity and support are so overwhelming.  We do not know how to ever thank you all enough.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. You all will forever hold a place in our lives. 

God has blessed us so much! Without him and the blessings he has given, we would not be where we are today or have the hope we do for the success of treatment for Kenzey. She continues to be so very, very brave. She will win this battle with this terrible thing called leukemia.  Thank you all again, and may God continue to bless each and every one of you! 

— Jason, Diane, Lea, Kenzey, Kaylyn & Jenna Smith


Support for Warren

Referencing Elizabeth Beaver’s letter in the Oct. 17 Salisbury Post, I would like to address some issues that were raised. I, too, use well water and would like to emphasize that Harry Warren voted for the fracking bill after getting reassurance from the bill sponsor in the House that serious consideration would be given to requiring that fracking in N.C. be done using liquid petroleum gas gel, a process that requires no water and has been pioneered by a Canadian Company. After Governor Perdue concluded it could be a good thing for N.C., the bill passed with bipartisan support.  

School funding dropped across the state primarily due to the expiration of a one-time stimulus funding and also Rowan County budget cutbacks. This budget supported by Representative Warren gave teachers a 1.2 percent pay raise, the first in four years, free liability insurance and directed funding to the classroom, teachers and teacher assistants. This budget established the “Forgivable Loan Fund” and expanded the Forgivable Loan Program to encourage college graduates to stay, work and live in N.C. for four years and their student loans could be forgiven.

Both these issues and many others have been discussed at length at the 13 town hall meetings Representative Warren has held since his election. Apparently, Ms. Beaver did not avail herself of these opportunities where her opinions/objections would have been welcomed. Harry Warren has been one of the most accessible and transparent elected officials that it has been my privilege to vote for and support. He is available by email and telephone if any citizen is interested in obtaining information on any issue or voicing a personal opinion. These are just some of the reasons that my family and I enthusiastically support Harry Warren’s re-election as representative for the 77th District.

— Dorothy Earle


Foxx the clear choice

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx is the person for the job. Voters in Rowan County have a clear choice for congressional representative in the newly drawn Fifth District. 

After attending a recent candidate forum at Catawba College, the choice before us this November could not be more obvious; Congresswoman Virginia Foxx.

When Dr. Michael Bitzer asked how each candidate would address North Carolina and America’s unemployment rate, Congresswoman Foxx detailed a plan of reducing burdensome regulation and addressing uncompetitive tax rates. The candidate for the Democrat Party, Elisabeth Motsinger, had no answer. In the middle of the longest recession since the Great Depression, she had no ideas for spurring job creation.

In multiple instances, the Democratic candidate gave “no answer” or “no good answer” to questions of serious consequence: job creation and taxes. In spite of advocating higher taxes, she could not identify the current income tax rates Americans pay. She had no idea. Her entire campaign hinges on two bad ideas: raising taxes on 940,000 small businesses and closing off access to American energy.

Congresswoman Foxx spoke in detail about legislative proposals that will allow Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money and encourage job growth. Congresswoman Foxx understands the severity of America’s need for jobs.

I encourage my fellow residents of Rowan County to make the right choice for North Carolina and the right choice for America by voting for Virginia Foxx. 

— Kathy McCubbins


Vote for Battermann

I am terrified at seeing what will happen to the folks of Rowan county if Harry Warren is re-elected for N.C. House seat 77. In the recent Catawba debate, Mr. Warren claimed that higher education institutions should be examined for their wasteful spending. I dont know what Mr. Warren was impling here, but I know a lot of recent Catawba grads who have gone to work in the education field and are struggling because of a lack of state resources and support. I am afraid of Mr. Warren getting elected because who knows what funding or programs he will haphazardly slash to make up for proposed reductions to corporate tax rates.

 This election, I am supporting Bill Battermann to be my representative. Not only is he a professor of ethics (a quality I wish more politicians had) but he is genuinely concerned with the well being of all people in the county. He sees beyond the red tape and beyond the sneaky closed-door politics that plague this county. He has actual plans for improving our lives here in the 77th district. Bill, I am proud to support you, and I urge everyone to vote for Bill Battermann. He truly is the better man for N.C. House Seat 77.

— Faron Brazis 


Endorsement deadline

Letters endorsing candidates in the Nov. 6 election must be received at the Salisbury Post by 5 p.m., Oct. 30 

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