Letters to the editor - Wednesday (10-24-2012)

  • Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 7:40 p.m.

NCVoter.org can help compare candidates
I want to thank you for listing the site of www.NCVoter.org (Oct. 17 editorial). It is a fantastic site for comparing those running for office this election. I urge everyone to go to this site, especially for state and local offices. You can compare candidates side by side; then, when you are done they will send a printable list for you. After all, how many times do you get in the voting booth only to forget who it was you wanted to vote for?
By now, most people know who they want in the big races such as president and governor. But what do you know about other important races that include state judges and local school boards? With talk of giving power and authority back to the states, these offices could be the most important that you cast your vote for, and I am sure everyone wants people in office that support their point of view.
Please do not miss this opportunity to find out more about the candidates that are running, what their qualifications are, who endorses them and their stand on issues. Most of all, I hope everyone uses their constitutional right, votes for whomever they want and exercises this right for all of the offices on your ballot.
Remember, no vote, no complaints accepted. It was your own fault!
— Chuck Fiello Sr.
China Grove

Re-elect Kissell
I first spent time with Larry Kissell when he came to the emergency room where I work as a physician. I was shocked that he wanted to be low key, blend in and see what really was happening with our healthcare system. He asked insightful questions and was truly interested in how to best improve our healthcare system without regard to political agenda. I’ve been impressed with his independent voting record, including each of his votes against the Obamacare bill. He is a work horse, not a show horse, and we need more people like him in Washington. Don’t believe the negative ads. Think for yourself, look at the person, not the party, and look at his record. He has proof of his stands, not just idealistic promises. Keep Larry Kissell fighting for us as our representative.
— Jon L. Hobbs

 Vote for Caskey, Pierce
Both Mike Caskey and Craig Pierce are men of character, honesty and integrity. They have shown their interest in public service by serving with me on the Rowan County Planning Board and always take the conservative position on all issues that come up. Protecting our property rights is of paramount importance to them, as is keeping government interference in our lives to a minimum.
Mike Caskey will bring a varied background to our Board of Commissioners as he has worked in the private sector for many years. He is currently working in law enforcement and is serving on our local school board. He will stand on his principles even when he is in the minority as demonstrated by a number of 1 to 6 votes on the school board.
Craig Pierce is an entrepreneur who has started and still runs a successful small business in our county. He certainly understands balancing budgets and what businesses need and what it takes to attract them to our county. He currently serves as chairman of the Airport Advisory Committee and is working hard to lead an expansion of our local airport.
 Mike Caskey and Craig Pierce know we need excellent schools; low, business-friendly taxes; and an efficient business-friendly county government. They will work hard to attract jobs to our county. Please join me in voting to elect them to our Board of Commissioners.
— Larry Wright

Remember Rev. Wright
Remember Jeremiah Wright? He’s the minister who vehemently preaches racial hatred and class warfare. He’s also the minister who, in his rantings, asked God to damn America. Barack Obama remembers him, as well he should, for he spent 20 years as a member of Wright’s congregation. He also chose Wright to preside at his wedding to Michelle and to baptize their two children. One doesn’t spend 20 years in a church without agreeing with and supporting the minister. He doesn’t expose his wife and children to a minister without accepting the minister’s teachings. Obama left Wright’s church only when it became politically expedient to do so. Most of the mainstream media and many millions of Americans have chosen to ignore or excuse the Wright/Obama association. As a loyal American citizen I cannot. Not now! Not ever!
— Bob Phillips

The abortion issue
Which candidate will you vote for? Wait! Be careful; God is watching us.
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan oppose abortion on demand and oppose using your tax dollars to pay for abortion.
Barack Obama and Joe Biden support a policy of abortion on demand for any reason. As a senator, Barack Obama cosponsored a bill that would make partial-birth abortions legal again and force taxpayers to pay for abortions.
Obama even voted in the Illinois Senate against bills to require care and protection for babies who are born alive during abortions and left to die.
Mitt Romney said “on day one, I will eliminate the Obama administration rule that compels religious institutions to violate the tenets of their own faith. Such rules don’t belong in the America I believe in.”
Barack Obama’s administration issued a mandate that compels groups, including religious schools and hospitals, to provide insurance plans that cover drugs and procedures that violate their religious or moral convictions.
In my mind, I can see God saying, “What did you do to the least of these?”
I can’t recall where I saw these scriptures in the Bible, but they stuck with me like glue. God is giving a warning: “Thou shall have a voice. Thou shall stand up for justice. Thou shall pursue it. Thou shall run after it.”
Also, in another part of the scriptures that stuck with me, God said, “I formed you in your mother’s womb. I planned you out.” I believe a plan is not yet made until you build it or create it.
I hope everyone will use their freedom to vote.
— Carolyn Osian

Busy days at West
Loyal readers of the Salisbury Post have had numerous chances to learn of the successes of West Rowan High School student athletes over the years. Exciting things are also happening in our hallways!
The West Rowan Falcon freshman academy continues to provide a chance for ninth grade students to make a smooth transition to high school. Our freshman retention (failure) rate at West is less than 3 percent; the North Carolina state average exceeds 18 percent. 
The sophomore class is busy preparing for the ACT (American College Testing) test, including taking the PLAN test (a precursor). Nationally, the ACT is steadily replacing the SAT as the college admissions test of choice.
Speaking of college choice, our juniors had an opportunity to make contacts with several regional schools at the College Fair at Catawba. And, as always, the seniors are busy making their final push towards June and graduation.
Our agricultural department is currently involved in two new ventures. An aquaculture program has been established to grow tilapia fish for consumption by local merchants. Additionally, a new barn is being erected on our campus. Both projects have been made possible through the Blanche & Hubert Ritchie Foundation and Mid-State Metals.
As you can see, autumn is a busy time of year at West Rowan High School!
— Jamie Durant

Durant is the principal of West Rowan High School.

Endorsement deadline
=Letters endorsing candidates in the Nov. 6 election must be received at the Salisbury Post by 5 p.m., Oct. 

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