Letters to the editor - Thursday (10-18-2012)

  • Posted: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 3:56 p.m.

I am truly concerned about getting North Carolina's economy going again.
There are only four other states in the country that have a higher unemployment rate than here in North Carolina. While at the gas pump, take a look at the fuel tax rate all around us. Every state that touches us has a lower state fuel tax than here; we are the highest. That's just one of the burdens on our business community and families put there by our current state leadership.
We have the best opportunity in my lifetime (65 years) to elect someone who can work with our General Assembly to not only get out of the way of small business but offer help as well. Let's stop putting the good ole boy/good ole girl network in Raleigh, and put to work someone who can build an economy.
Pat McCory has taken the high road in his campaign and I'm proud of him for it. So if you think rebuilding North Carolina's economy is worth the effort, put Pat McCory in the governor's office and let's get started.
- Dan Fisher
I was asked recently why my wife and I are such strong Larry Kissell supporters. This gave me the opportunity to share how we first met Larry.
Our son was killed in action by small arms fire in Afghanistan in May 2010. Larry came to our home to pay his respect and thank us for our son's sacrifice to his country. Larry had just returned from one of his many trips to Afghanistan. He explained to us the importance of the mission and confirmed the significance of these men and women who are protecting our freedom. It was obvious through his strong connection with the 82nd he also shared the pain of our loss. His personal visit and perspective on the mission meant a lot to us that day.
I appreciate the opportunity to publicly thank Larry for his commitment to our military and their families. It's good to know we have a man of his integrity and experience representing the 8th District .
- Roy Schmiedeshoff
Susan Cox, candidate for the Rowan-Salisbury School Board Seat 7, is well qualified for this position. She holds a BS degree in elementary education from the University of Tennessee and an exceptional children certification from Pfeiffer University.
Susan retired from the Rowan-Salisbury School System. In the community, she developed both a day-care facility and a pre-school. But Susan's capability goes far beyond her educational preparation. We have known her for more than 30 years and have observed that when she undertakes a task or responsibility, she applies herself diligently. A committed Christian, she is a person of extraordinary trustworthiness and faithfulness. She walks in integrity. Education is her passion, that all children have the opportunity to reach their potential.
Susan will serve with excellence, commitment and concern to better our school system. Vote for Susan Cox!
- Lawrence and Carol Lee
I see "now hiring" signs everywhere, including some fast-food restaurants. When we need jobs to help bolster the economy, I feel that some of these companies are being rather picky. Most want someone with experience, and in places where one works on computers etc., I can see the need for that kind of experience. But to me, when it comes to fast food - other than the cook - the employees can be trained. Yet some fast-food restaurants favor experienced hires and won't give the inexperienced a chance. If no one will hire someone without experience, how does one get experience? Can anyone explain this?
- Jeanne Casper
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