Letters to the editor - Friday (10-12-2012)

  • Posted: Friday, October 12, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Friday, October 12, 2012 12:51 p.m.

Over the past few days we have all heard those on the right and on the left spin the results of the first presidential debate. I was personally shocked to see the leader of the free world clearly rattled.
Absent a teleprompter, his rambling, unfocused remarks reminded me of a college sophomore baffled by an exam question struggling for a few extra credits by answering an essay question with prattle.
Every informed voter knew before he was elected Barack Obama was not qualified by experience to be president, but it occurred to me for the first time during the debate that he might not be capable of thinking clearly enough to respond appropriately to a real crisis. Is the Benghazi debacle a case in point?
One of President Clinton's greatest attributes was his ability to compartmentalize. Apparently, President Obama doesn't have this gift. Stress and pressure get to him.
Maybe we should all worry.
- Dennis L. Hill
?Accountants and auditors have a maxim: Trust but verify. This is good advice for everyone when they are told something or see a TV commercial. As for political commercials, it's excellent advice, not always followed. Here are examples of TV commercials Mr. Romney and his allies have run.
Claiming the American Enterprise Institute is "independent" and "non partisan." In fact, the AEI is widely acknowledged as a neoconservative think tank, home to displaced right-wing politicians and academics. Check the website for its board: Dick Cheney, Peter Coors, ultra conservative chairman of Coors beer, along with the heads of half a dozen investment partnerships. Does that sound independent or impartial?
"My tax plan doesn't include tax cuts for the wealthy." Not according to the Tax Policy Center, which agrees with the president that Romney's plan would include $4.8 trillion in tax cuts over the next decade.
"Pre-existing conditions are covered under my (health care) plan." Only if you've been insured and keep paying the premiums if you're laid off.
Romney Says Obama has "doubled" the deficit. Not true. The deficit is projected by the Congressional Budget Office to be $1.09 trillion, versus $1.19 trillion when he took office. That includes the two wars inherited from the GOP.
Romney has repeatedly claimed "Barack Obama began his presidency "with an apology tour." Once again, not true. The speeches Romney referred to included references to "anti-Americanism" by Europeans among other comments. The truth is that we tend to preach to other countries while ignoring our own faults.
These are only a few of Romney's more egregious distortions and lies. I used PolitiFact.com to check him out. The Tea Party Republicans may not like facts, but for the rest of us, they're a way to decide whether to trust a politician. In my book, Romney flunks the "Trust but verify" test.
- Jack Burke
?Mr. Obama should get his own late-night TV show, as he really loves all the attention. Instead of appearing on Leno, "The View" and Letterman, he should be in Washington taking some interest in America's security and the Middle East riots, as well as Iran's nuclear progress. He could take even a little bit of blame for the agent killed by "Fast and Furious," or the four Americans killed violently and needlessly in Libya. After the White House was warned three days before the attacks, he participated in a cover-up and referred to these things as just a bump in the road. He's accomplishing exactly what he intended with his socialist, Marxist friends. Listen to him speak, and you'll realize he is anti-American and anti-business and plans to socialize America with overwhelming debt, spending and handouts. His health-care taxes, bailouts and amnesty for 21 million people convince me he wants a country fully dependent on government, and he'll do anything to get re-elected.
Nobody can account for all the stimulus money that's gone, perhaps to Democratic contributors like ACORN and unions that support him. Liberals have fallen into his trap that America should apologize for everything America stands for. If we want our future generations to live in a free country, we must all show up at the polls and vote for Romney next month.
If things continue on the path we're going down and the administration keeps apologizing that Americans have freedom of speech, we will end up under Sharia law.
There will be no freedom of prayer in Jesus' name. Our grandchildren will never learn the Pledge of Allegiance or sing "God Bless America." Please, please, America, get out in November and vote to replace this administration with truth, integrity and morality.
-Doloris Pender
Letters endorsing candidates in the Nov. 6 election must be received at the Salisbury Post by 5 p.m., Oct. 30.Cliff Miller lives in Rockwell. Thursday's letters listed an incorrect city of residence for him.

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