Letters to the editor - Tuesday (10-9-2012)

  • Posted: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Tuesday, October 9, 2012 6:22 a.m.

GM jobs increase an October surprise?
        When I saw on the news that GM was adding 2,000 jobs in Michigan, I was elated. I know how it feels to be laid off and get that callback notice. There are 2,000 families whose burden of stress and anxiety soon will be lifted. And yet, because of cynicism and skepticism etched into my being by years of observing politics, something about this good news had me checking the bottoms of my shoes. First, why GM, the automaker most beholden to the incumbent administration? Why not Ford, Toyota, Honda or Kia? In light of the challenges to the veracity of the latest unemployment numbers, in addition to the timing, one cannot help but wonder if the administration may have twisted some arms to convince GM. that it would be in everyone's best interest to hire some folks, whether they need them or not. Most, if not all, rehires would be UAW members, dutifully supportive of the president for getting their jobs back. The president wins, the union wins, GM takes another blow to its already battered body. -Bruce La Rue Mount Ulla

No to Obama
 Why am I not voting for Obama? Let me count the ways. 1. His foreign policy is senseless appeasement. 2. His spending and debt are based on believing you can spend and borrow your way to prosperity. 3. His initial world tour where he bowed and apologized to world leaders for America's greatness. 4. He has created division between the races, rich and the poor and the political parties. Have you ever seen a country more divided? 5. His naïve belief that government can solve all problems with more regulation and taxes. 6. His saving GM and then giving it to the unions to run - all with taxpayer and borrowed money. He was really saving the unions who contribute money and vote for him. 7. His political ads that are at best half truths or downright lies. 8. His campaigning and fund raising while our embassies burn and our people are executed. 9. His preoccupation with the entertainment industry and no time to talk with Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 10. His economic policies have not created jobs because today there are few jobs available and unemployment is still high and under his leadership will in all probability remain so. 11. His policy that we can by being nice bring about peaceful relations with a group of people dedicated to the downfall of all people not Muslim. 12. His re-election will be just more of the same economic policies that don't work. 13. His ability to say one thing but do exactly the opposite. 14. His ability to fool the useful idiots into believing he has their best interest in mind but really his only interest is with power and his re-election. There is more but I have run out of space in this letter to the editor. - Richard Roberts Kannapolis

Marsh for board
 I am writing to ask the voters of Rowan County to elect Dr. Lynn Marsh to the Rowan-Salisbury Board Education for the southeast district (seat 7). I first met Dr. Marsh more than 20 years ago. Since that time she has earned many community and academic accolades, including her doctorate. But I will always know her as Mrs. Marsh, because that is what I called her when she was my second grade teacher at China Grove Elementary. I know from experience that Mrs. Marsh will always do what is the most important for a member of the school board: she will put the education of the children of Rowan County first. Dr. Marsh will make sure that all our young people have a chance at a world class education that equips them with the skills to compete in the 21st century workforce. Last but not least, she will always make the tough decisions, keeping in mind that these are not just numbers on a page, but that the futures of our children are at stake. So remember when you go to the polls, please cast your vote for Dr. Lynn Marsh for the Rowan-Salisbury Board of Education for the southeast seat (seat 7). - Kenneth Stutts III Salisbury

Vote for Walton
 Ralph Walton is the precise candidate we need for our County Commission at a time when local, state and federal governments continue to face a perfect storm of financial mismanagement. Having worked with our school system during much of his 30-plus years serving the future citizens of our county, he has been on the front lines of what is happening. He has a very analytical mind and knows the background of our county government from a financial and historic perspective. Both of these areas will be needed to offset the effect of officials who have their own political agendas. Citizens, you can rest assured that Ralph will vote for what is best for you and the county during each and every session. The best example I can give of Mr.Walton's concern for the family unit is the life-long care that was taken of his brother, Arnold, who was born with a spine problem that restricted him to a wheelchair. This family brought Arnold to all Rescue Squad meetings to the point that he was made a member of the squad. He was always present at Rowan Legion games as long as his health permitted. Certainly, this is the type of family values we need at the commissioner level. During the 2008 commissioners race, I had the pleasure of spending many sessions with Ralph Walton as we both vied for a spot on the county ballot. I found him to be a sincere, honest and dedicated individual with a belief that he could make a difference as a public servant. At this critical crossroads in our history, we need him as a representative of the citizens of Rowan County. - W. Terry Julian Faith

Endorsement deadline
 Letters endorsing candidates in the Nov. 6 election must be received at the Salisbury Post by 5 p.m., Oct. 30.

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