Letters to the editor - Monday (10-8-2012)

  • Posted: Monday, October 8, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Monday, October 8, 2012 9:07 a.m.

Publish all sides, let readers make up their minds


Regarding the Oct. 6 letter from Ruby Walker ("Comments go too far"), I found her comments exactly the opposite of mine.
Every month I debate on whether to continue taking Salisbury Post due to the liberal articles constantly posted by the paper. The conservative comments ( to me) seem to be on the low side. Then, lo and behold, you post equal comments, and I think you are trying to be fair and balanced in covering the news. I again send in my check for the month.
I do hope you will continue to be fair and balanced and let people like Ms. Walker and myself make up our own minds. By the way - I, too, depend upon a veterans check each month.
- Nedra Chapman

What rights do we have?

 Over the last 12 months I have read comments posted on this page and other pages relating to God, religion, morality and similar subjects. The questions I have are:
1. Where in the Constitution does it state that the president of the United States must be a white Christian male?
2.Where in the Constitution does it state that one religious belief must be protected over all others?
3.Where in the Constitution does it state that the government should pass laws relating to restricting individuals from making decisions that only affect themselves and no one else?
4.Where in the Constitution does it say that one group of people can impose their beliefs on everyone else?
These questions seem to be at the heart of all the arguments that I have seen and have in some cases posted myself. But the answer to all of them is that none of these are part of the Bill of Rights or the basic Constitution. In fact, our Constitution gives us the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Amendment One of the Bill of Rights specifically says there is a separation between the church and the state. What that means is that the government cannot apply the beliefs and concepts of one religion over everyone else. I know that many people take that as the church controlling the government and thereby imposing morality on everybody, but that is wrong.
- Julian A. Torrey

Time to fire Obama

Polls predict Obama winning re-election, but they did with Dewey also.
Consider his first term by looking at his hometown of Chicago where Mayor Rahm (or is it "Rob"?) Emanuel rules, robbing residents of guns and self-defense. There are two murders per day, 100,000 gang members, three major Mexican drug cartels, and the head of the DEA has likened it to a Mexican border area. But Obama has stopped deportation of some young illegal immigrants, calling it "the right thing to do," even though it's unconstitutional. In one case, an elderly Chicago resident had to battle his way to the Supreme Court just to keep a gun for self-protection.
But that's Chicago, and elsewhere we've got guns and self-defense laws, right? Consider that the Obama administration apparently supports (or has supported) laws that would all but ban handguns and semiautomatics, raise taxes on guns and ammo, prosecute homeowners for self-defense shootings and eliminate gun stores within a mile of schools or parks. Still feel good abou guns and self-defense here?
The two Supreme Court decisions upholding the Second Amendment were by one vote. Suppose Obama gets to replace one pro-gun justice, or even two.
As for Eric Holder, his indicted attorney general, where was his gun control when a U.S. border patrolman was killed because of gun-running? Also, Holder's Department of Justice is waging war against seven N.C. sheriff's departments for "discriminating" against illegal immigrants! Police are prohibited from arresting illegals just for being illegals.
Obama boasted to the Russians "things will be different in my second term." They're different now: Home ownership lowest in 50 years; median income down four years straight; 23 million-plus jobless; food stamps at record high; Postal Service $15 billion under water; 3 million school dropouts ...
If you've ever wanted to fire your boss, now you can. Vote to fire Obama.
- W.F. Owens

Why Harry Warren

 Are you "wild about Harry?" If not, let me tell you why you should be, because "I am wild about Harry."
Mr. Warren won election to N.C. Legislature's District 77 two years ago, and he won because he "walked a mile in his shoes." Actually, he walked many miles in his shoes to personally reach out to as many voters as he could. (By the way, he is doing the same this year; so he may come a knocking at your door !) There is no better politician than one who gets out on the ground and talks to those he/she hopes to represent, and Mr. Warren is one who takes that time. In the past two years, he has continued to reach out directly to District 77 folks by conducting more than a dozen "town hall" meetings at different locations.
Harry was one the most active "freshman" legislators, not content to sit and ease into the job. He was a leader in seeing the state budget balanced and championed changes in the laws governing forced annexation (a real sore point with District 77 voters). By now his colleagues in the legislature recognize Mr. Warren as a smart, honest, dedicated man for the people.
Mr. Warren is a solid family man with two teenage daughters. He and his family are active members of the First United Methodist Church in Salisbury. Until his work in Raleigh, Harry had a regular route for Meals on Wheels and was active in Rowan Helping Ministries.
I have never heard him say a bad thing about anyone, and he's always a gentleman. He is one of the hardest working persons I have ever known, and channels that work ethic into rational legislation for North Carolina.
Go wild for Harry and re-elect him!
- Ty Cobb Jr.

A positive candidate

 I wanted to mention the presence of a very qualified candidate for the Southeast area (seat No. 7) for the Rowan-Salisbury School Board. She is Lynn Marsh and is presently employed as a conscientious, compassionate administrator in the Cabarrus County Schools. Mrs. Marsh is a Rowan County native and is a product of the system that she is seeking to serve. She has advanced degrees in education and has served at many levels in service to children and has continually advocated for all children in educational, societal, family and life environments.
Her educational, personal, and vocational experiences and preparation afford Mrs. Marsh keen insights into curriculum, budgetary, problem-solving and decision-making issues that will be faced by the candidates who are successful in the election process. Mrs. Marsh is exceedingly qualified and excited about the prospect of serving Rowan County, its children, and all of the individuals who are stakeholders in the educational development, maintenance, and success of young people.
One logistical issue: Mrs. Marsh's name is listed as the last name on the ballot as indicated by the sample ballots sent out by the Board of Elections, but it is obvious that Mrs. Marsh considers the children of Rowan County her No. 1 priority.
- Dr. Lane G. Graham
Assistant professor, Department of Special Education, Pfeiffer University
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