Letters to the editor - Tuesday (10-02-2012)

  • Posted: Monday, October 1, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Monday, October 1, 2012 3:30 p.m.

Fire Department buckles up for safety on road
        Friday I was to pick up my granddaughter in Concord, age 4. We had previously removed her car seat for the need of extra space in the back seat. Realizing I didn't have it hooked up, I went by the Salisbury Fire Department to see if a certified installer could do this. Without an appointment, I was concerned that it might not happen. The lady certified to do this was on her lunch break and was the only one currently available to re-install the seat. I was willing to wait until her break was over, but she insisted on stopping and hooking up the seat for me. Along with this lady, two firemen also were there and were so very kind in the assistance. How wonderful, child safety was so important to this lady that she dropped what she was doing to make sure I had the seat properly installed, even though I was willing to wait for her lunch to be over. If you love your child, if you love children, you will be sure they are properly secured in a car seat based on child's age, weight and proper installation of seat. But do try to make an appointment before having it installed. As with everything members of the Salisbury Fire Department do, they really care for everyone. God's blessings to all. - Ann Measmer Salisbury

Who's pro life? Neither party
 I read Tiena Miller's letter to the editor (Sept. 28) and had a good laugh. I am a lifelong Republican, and I peacefully picketed at Charlotte abortion clinics every Saturday for nine years. I picketed at both of Bill Clinton's inauguration parades, holding pro life signs and all the while believing that Republicans who claimed to be pro life would take a stand and end abortion in America, no matter the political consequences. During his first four-year term, they didn't do it. OK, I understood, but during the second term I expected them to just do it. I heard Ronald Reagan say that he was pro life and, if elected, would end abortion. I heard this while standing on the Capitol steps in South Carolina during a campaign speech. Yet eight years later, there was still no end to abortion. The first President Bush said he was pro life and would end abortion; then, four years later, still no end to abortion. Then George W. Bush said he was pro life. Eight year later, still no end to abortion. We've had 20 years of Republican promises and platform planks and the GOP controlling both House and Senate at times and the White House. So this time around, Ms. Miller (no relation), I am not buying the pro-life lie from the Republicans. This issue is dead on arrival, so don't let it influence your vote. I will vote for the best candidate. And that would have been Santorum, Gingrich or even Ron Paul. But not Mitt Romney. I, too, am registered independent now, since the Tea Party sold out to the Republicans instead of forming a real true third party and offering a true pro life candidate and party. - Ed Miller Jr. China Grove

Abortion on demand
 Whether you approve or disapprove of abortions, your tax money will be paying for them if taxpayer-funded "abortion on demand" is enacted after the election. Just food for thought! - Lee Jacobs Salisbury

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