Letters to the editor - Friday (9-28-2012)

  • Posted: Friday, September 28, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Friday, September 28, 2012 6:35 a.m.

Voters, please think for yourselves
 Soon, our attention will be drawn to the political debates. If history holds true, the debates will be followed by network commentators telling us what we heard. This is just an attempt to sway our thoughts and votes. Don't be fooled, use your own judgment and come to your own decision using plain common sense. The media, like Washington, believe we are not capable of thinking for ourselves. Go outside the box and hear and digest opposing views. There is no doubt; this election will be, and should be, about the economy, and it will be historic. We need to get the economy rolling again. We know that the debt will get worse before it gets better. From both sides, we hear talk about creating balanced budgets, but guess what? Balanced budgets do nothing to reduce total debt. Washington must change its strategies from balanced budgets to actual surpluses. Budgets are only as good as the estimates for revenues and expenditures. And revenue estimates are generally overstated, while expenditure estimates are generally understated. By no means is this intended to criticize either political party or anyone in Congress; the sheer size of the federal budget almost makes it immune to being managed. If America is content with balanced budgets, and all such future budgets actually produce no further debt, in good and bad times, the country will still owe $16 trillion beyond the lives of all of us living today! President Kennedy had it right when he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country." If we really are interested in leaving a better America for future generations, we need to start now. All of us, regardless of demographic group, will have to make substantial sacrifices. We caused the problem, and we are responsible for fixing it. Please keep this in mind in your voting decision. - Douglas Yale Salisbury

Pro life or pro choice
 I was at home today minding my own business when the telephone rang. I answered, and the voice on the other end began her speech concerning the political candidate she was calling for. She began telling me their view on the economy, health care and other ways her candidate, if elected, would make life better for me and my family. As she finished her speech, she asked, "Are you familiar with this candidate and can we count on your support in the form of a vote?" With that I replied, "I'm sorry, I am not familiar with your candidate. Can you please tell me; is your candidate pro life or pro choice?" That topic was totally eliminated from the well-written script she had just presented. She replied, "That information has not been given to me, but I can tell you as a member of the Democratic Party we believe every woman has the right to choose." My reply was, "I am sorry, I will not be voting for your party." At that statement the caller laughed and hung up the phone. I am registered as independent - "unaffiliated" is probably the proper term. I vote issues, not parties. As a mother who dearly loves her son - so much so that I would give my life for his - it is not my choice to decide if a child should be born or die! A child is a gift from God and a blessing to us as parents. Perfect or not, our children are perfect to us, however God sees fit for them to be born. So laugh if you will, but it is I who will have the last laugh as I cast my vote. This is one vote that will not be voting for your candidate. There you have it - my two cents! - Tiena Miller Salisbury

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