• Posted: Friday, September 21, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Friday, September 21, 2012 5:13 p.m.

We're lucky GM, Chrysler avoided bankruptcy
Elizabeth Cook was correct in her assessment of the rescue of General Motors (GM) and Chrysler with regards to jobs saved (Sept. 16 column), and Tom Curtis' criticisms are way off base. Curtis harps on the cost to rescue GM and Chrysler - a tiny fraction compared to the $4.76 trillion used to bailout Wall Street - but what if Romney's call to "Let Detroit go bankrupt" had won the argument? GM and Chrysler would have been liquidated; there simply wasn't enough private equity to finance the "normal" bankruptcy Curtis writes about. Liquidation would have been devastating to Ford, Freightliner and the other remaining automotive manufacturers; devastating to the parts suppliers; and devastating to the communities where these plants are located. It also would have devastated the United Autoworkers union, whose contracts are the reason thousands of workers in Cleveland, Mt. Holly, Gastonia and High Point still have good-paying jobs today. Luckily for us, President Obama bet on an American comeback. Today the new GM and Chrysler have repaid their loans, recalled laid-off workers and hired new ones. Instead of standing in unemployment lines and bread lines, these workers are earning paychecks, paying into Social Security and Medicare, paying their mortgages and buying the goods and services that fuel our economy. GM is once again the largest car company in the world and posting record profits - good news for taxpayers and shareholders alike. Maybe Curtis can think of other ways to spend $65 billion, but this autoworker can't think of a better deal than rescuing the industry that helped make this country great. - Jerry Hodge Woodleaf

View film, then vote
 Anyone planning to vote in this election should first see the documentary "Obama's America." In this film and in his own words, Obama shows that he thinks America is too prosperous. His socialist father also believed this. After seeing this film, if you want to live in a third-world country, then vote for Obama. If you want to livein a great country, then vote for Romney. - Lillie Burleson Richfield

The Great Compromise
 I appreciate the Elizabeth Maxwell Steele Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution for submitting interesting articles to be published in the Salisbury Post in commemoration of Constitution week. Too many people in our nation are so ignorant of our history. In the recent article concerning Roger Sherman and Robert Morris, however, an error was made in either historical research or paragraph development. The paragraph begins by stating that Sherman and Wilson created the Three-Fifths Compromise, but the paragraph actually speaks to the Great Compromise that established representation in Congress. The Three-Fifths Compromise determined how slaves would count toward representation in Congress, and the paragraph really did not communicate the significance of the Three-Fifths Compromise. - Gordon Correll Salisbury

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