Letters to the editor - Thursday (9-20-2012)

  • Posted: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 4:20 p.m.

Embassy attack was major news

        On Thursday, Sept. 14, I picked up the Salisbury Post to read the news. I saw the top headlines were about the Rowan County fair. I could not understand why that took top coverage over the murders of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens and three other American citizens.
How could something so important be given such small coverage on the bottom of page one? In my opinion, the United States of America has been attacked.
I beg every Christian to pray that God will help us make the right decision at the voting polls.
- Joyce Gulledge

The DNC and God

Regarding Sen. Kay Hagan's speech at the Democratic National Convention:
Senator Hagan showed the content of her character at the DNC convention in Charlotte. She was mum on the initial removal of the word "God" from the DNC platform. The nation knows North Carolina is the most God-loving state in the union!
In 2008, Senator Hagan faced a vicious campaign for her Senate seat. Her personal belief in God became an issue. Now, she represents North Carolina - that is her first responsibility. She failed in her basic job.
Dick Durbin (the same person who compared our military's treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo to characters in Pol-Pot's regime and Hitler's Nazis) was asked about the deliberate omission. He tried to shift the blame and attacked viewers' interpretation of the incident. Senator Hagan offered no explanation during her speech.
Senator Hagan can now be showcased with these women - Sandra Fluke, a freeloader; Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, a liar; Elizabeth Warren, an undocumented (Cherokee) Indian; Kathleen Sebelius, a "pre-existing condition"; and Valerie Jarrett, an inflexible mouthpiece for President Obama.
On Sept. 6, I wrote to Senator Hagan expressing my feelings on her lack of correct representation. Will she have a legitimate explanation?
- Irene Dalton

Unkempt conditions

 A rather unsettling number of China Grove property owners have reached their limits. There is grass growing out of control in several neighborhoods, filling the ditches in front of my property to the point of causing an overflow that carries into my front yard. I have more than enough sand carried from other people's driveways to fill a sand box!
Also, there is a dying tree at the top of my driveway, which hangs precariously, stretching the entire width of the street. When that thing falls, someone very well could get hurt. Aside from the possible bodily injury that may ensue, the downed power lines and other damages to private and public property, there will be several people trapped in their homes until the felled tree is removed.
However, these conditions are almost pristine compared to other streets within the city limits ... potholes, cracks, overgrown foliage, roads barely wide enough to accomodate a single car, much less the usual traffic of a residential area.
Even the sidewalks just outside of Main Street have fallen in almost hazardous disrepair from years of neglect, where tiny feet should fear to tread as a single misstep could lead to a faceplant.
Stop signs have been distorted to face the wrong direction, and shrubbery has been unkempt so that many exitways to main roads have such a small window of clear vision that people fear pulling out and being blind-sided by other vehicles who can't really see them either.
Safety is a large issue of mine, especially with two small children already present on the street, with another on the way. Overgrown ditches are breeding grounds for various varieties of vermin, including snakes.
Do you know what's in your back yard? We residents of East Stokes Street do, and we are not happy.
- Glenda Cox
China Grove

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