Freeze column: What I am thankful for

  • Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 7:43 p.m.

Here are just a few things that seem worth mentioning as we give thanks today for all our blessings.
Two wonderful daughters, who mean more to me every year. One has my energy and desire for new things, the other has the ability to stay focused and organized, something that I lack at times. I'm also thankful that both of them have jobs.
The joy of giving and all the great charities in Salisbury/Rowan. If you can't contribute financially, do it with your time.
Farmers markets and produce growers. We have lots of good ones.
Brownies and blackberry pie. I don't eat them often, but I can't resist either one.
The Christmas lights on the windmill at home. They should be up by Friday.
All the people who see that running and fitness can change their life and let me help.
Getting to meet all the people who are part of the columns and articles I get to write. My only resolution for 2012 was to meet at least a new person every day. I'm way ahead of that pace.
Panera Bread soon to be in Salisbury. Finally we can get great bagels in town.
All the old wives and girlfriends. Whoops, I meant to say past wives and girlfriends. I learned something from every one.
That Chip Hester gets to stay at Catawba College. Hester is one of the finest men around and will benefit Catawba in new ways.
The support that the city of Salisbury gives to all of our running events and the great causes they benefit. Salisbury still carries the designation of a Fit Community and deserves it.
The Rowan County Public Library system. Some of the greatest people work there and the access to all that knowledge is priceless.
Rowan County high school and college sports, especially the great run for East Rowan football team.
Movies worth seeing like "Lincoln." Historically accurate and significant to America's way of life.
A new set of holiday memories that like all good things are meant to be lingered over. Family and friends make the day.
The gift of being an American. There is no other place worth considering. We are safe every day to practice our faith.
All of our military, police, firefighters and everybody else who protects our liberty and peace each and every day. These last two should make my list each year.
Thank You, Lord, for constantly amazing us with how much You love us. Thank you for every person that you send my way, and the gifts of joy and peace of mind. Thank you, God, for your faithfulness, grace and love.

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