Long Islanders wait out Sandy in Salisbury

  • Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 7:42 p.m.

By Mark Wineka
If you have to wait out a storm of the century, it's good to do it with family.
Long Island, N.Y., residents Dorothy and Joe Danielson were in Salisbury all last week, visiting Dorothy's sister, former Rowan County Elections Supervisor Pat Nelson.
The Danielsons planned to drive back toward home Sunday, but a little storm named Sandy derailed those plans.
They stayed put right here.
The Long Island couple have lived in their Middle Island, N.Y., home for about 40 years. The property has several old oak and pine trees, which were a bit worrisome with Sandy's high winds and torrents of rain, but the Danielsons' son has reported back some good news.
The power is out, but only some small trees in the back yard fell over in the storm. Nothing's on the house. The best news is that family members in New York are OK.
"My children and grandchildren - they're all fine," Dorothy Danielson reports.
The Danielsons' son is looking after things while they're gone. He works for the Long Island Railroad and will be missing at least three days of work because of what Sandy has done to the transportation system throughout the Northeast.
Until they return home, the Danielsons' biggest concern is losing all the food in their refrigerator and freezer because of the lack of electricity.
They have no pets, so that wasn't a worry.
Because the Danielsons' stay in Salisbury was longer than expected, Dorothy faced running out of a medication she needed.
Nelson said they were fortunate to have her prescription refilled at the Salisbury Walmart pharmacy.
Monday may have been the most nerve-wracking day for the Long Islanders, but the Danielsons were able to keep in touch with their three children and four grandchildren and know they were safe.
The Danielsons have had unpleasant run-ins with hurricanes before. After Hurricane Gloria hit in late September 1985, their home was without power for 11 days.
Let's hope it's not that long this time.
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