Autumn's glorious blaze lights up Rowan County

  • Posted: Wednesday, November 28, 2012 7:41 p.m.

This time of year, people flock to the North Carolina mountains to experience the short window of beauty offered up when the fall leaves go out in their brilliant blaze of glory.
Some of those same people returning from their mountain adventure are quick to point out the color that can be seen right here in Rowan County. Trees and bushes of all shapes and sizes are putting in a colorful show locally. The unique sassafras tree, which has been used for making tea, has leaves that are dissimilar from each other and are currently a bright red color. There is one near the entrance to the mill at Sloan Park in western Rowan County. Many other parks and tourist locations, such as Dan Nicholas Park and the N.C. Transportation Museum in Spencer, have maple trees that are gorgeous.
On the whole, most of the trees are turning to a yellowish rust, but some individual trees are really standing out with bright colors. On a clear day, when the sky is that deep Carolina blue, these trees can be rather breath-taking.
- Jon C. Lakey
Salisbury Post photographer

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