China Grove Leaf Collection Schedule

  • Posted: Friday, October 12, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Friday, October 12, 2012 7:54 p.m.

?CHINA GROVE - The town will begin its leaf collection schedule beginning the third full week in October on a call-in basis.
Each following week, the Public Works Department will pick up leaves for a certain section and will only collect leaves in that section during the week it is scheduled.
No calls for a work order will be taken beginning Oct. 22-Jan. 11.
Leaves only are to be placed in an easily accessible location just behind the curb or drainage ditch.
The town will not pick up leaves that are mixed with other debris. Leaves located near parked cars will not be collected.
Please review below to locate which section your residence is within.
2012-2013 Leaf Collection Schedule:
? Oct. 15-19, Calls-Ins
? Oct. 22- 26, Section A
? Oct. 29-31 and Nov. 1-2, Section B
? Nov. 5-9, Section C
? Nov. 13- 16, Section D
? Nov. 19-21, Section A
? Nov. 26-30, Section B
? Dec. 3-7, Section C
? Dec. 10-14, Section D
? Dec. 17-21, Section A
? Dec. 26-28, Section B
? Dec. 31-Jan 2-4, Section C
? Jan. 7-11, Section D
? Jan. 14-18, Call-Ins
The following are holidays with no leaf collection:
? Nov. 12, Nov. 22 and 23; Dec. 23, 24, 25 and Jan. 2
Leaf Collection:
? Section A
1st, 2nd, 3rd, Bare, Beaver, Benchmark, Birch St, Blackwelder, Brandon Scott, Brookwood Circle, Central, Chapel, Cherry, Chinaberry Drive, Columbus, E. Centerview St., E. Church St., E. Ketchie St., E. Liberty St., E. Thom St., Elm, Front, Grove, Haney, Hardin, Huffman, John, Keller St., Klondale, Knight, Lillian, Main Street, Murphy Court, N. Bostian, St., N. Harris St., Oak, Old Rockwell Road, Poplar St., Power St., Railroad Ave., Ridge, Roberts, Rose. S. Bostian St., S. Harris St., Salisbury St., Walnut, Washington St. and Woodhaven.
? Section B
Arbor Drive, Cove Lane, Gillon St., Hickory Grove Lane, Hickory Nut Lane, Highland Ridge Drive, Laurel St., Lauren Glen Drive, Miller St, Mitchell Ave., Oakwood Court, Shue Road, Spring Branch Lane, Stokes St., Stratus Drive, W. Hillside Drive, W. Vance St. and Wilson St.
? Section C
Amherst Court, Azalea Lane, Barclay Court, Basil Road, Blue Jay Lane, Brown Road, Clinton St., Dots Circle, Elizabeth St., Horton Lane, Louise Ave., N. Clinton St., N. Franklin St., N. Myrtle St., Old Flat Rock, Park St., Pleasant Village Lane, Rabbit Run Drive, Ross St., Swink St., Teeter St., W. Centerview St., W. Church St. and W. Ketchie St.
? Section D
1st St., Cedar St., Chinaberry Lane, Eudy Road, Harry St., Kirk St., Owens Road, Patterson St., S. Franklin St., S. Myrtle St., Stevens St., W. Thom St. and Westside Circle.For a map of locations, visit the town's Website at
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