Halloween decoration fools 911 caller

  • Posted: Monday, October 3, 2011 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Friday, March 30, 2012 12:22 a.m.

By Nathan Hardin
A passing motorist on Organ Church Road called 911 Monday morning after seeing what appeared to be a bloody body pinned under a lawn mower.
But authorities quickly learned that the body was actually a graphic Halloween decoration placed near the road by a neighbor.
ďIt wasnít too long after we dispatched a call that we found out it was a Halloween decoration,Ē said 911 center shift supervisor Autumn Davis.
The attention-grabbing gag, set up in the yard at 3475 Organ Church Road near Rockwell, wasnít surrounded by any other Halloween decorations on Monday. The set-up depicts a body with bloodstained jeans trapped under the blades of a riding lawn mower, with a can of beer in its hand.
Chris Deaton, the man behind the mower, said this is his second year with the decoration, and said he did it because it got great reviews last year.
ďItís cool for a Halloween ornament,Ē he said.
Deaton said he hadnít been contacted by authorities or passing motorists, but he didnít think the decoration was offending anyone.
He got the idea from someone elseís yard, Deaton said, while traveling to the beach one year.
Last year, Deaton kept the mower closer to the house, so only those on his driveway could see it.
This year, though, he wanted to try it closer to the road.
Deaton said he hasnít put any other Halloween decorations around the mower because he figures itís going to get stolen and he doesnít want anything else taken.
ďThatís the only thing itís good for,Ē Deaton said about the mower, which no longer has a working motor in it.
ďItís probably going to be stolen and sold for scrap metal,Ē he said.

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