Rockwell Christian students place in international competition

  • Posted: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Wednesday, September 26, 2012 8:50 p.m.

ROCKWELL - Seventeen students and their sponsors from Rockwell Christian School joined 2,500 students from around the world for international competition in 145 different events in the categories of music, oratory, art, athletics, academics and numerous aspects of service.
Students had to place in their respective regional conventions to be eligible for participation in the event, which is the highlight of the school year.
Medals were earned for the top six places and recognition was given to the top fifteen places. Rockwell Christian School students placed internationally as follows:
? First place by Alexander Straight for short story writing and the Golden Apple Award, memorization of the entire book of Proverbs
? Second place medal by Roni Boss for coordinates, clothing construction
? Third place medals by Autum Cline for photography; Madison File for spelling; and Andrew Straight for Bible Memory
? Fourth place medals for the boys 1600 meter relay by Adam Appleton, Andrew Straight, Micah Eagle, and Jeremy Waller; Benjamin Odom in Bible Memory, Alex Straight for spelling;
? Sixth place medals by Nathan Hoehman for soccer kick; Hannah Preslar for poetry recitation and Alexander Straight for high jump and preaching.
The following students also placed in the top fifteen in various events: Autum Cline, Madison File, Abbie Hoehman, Nathan Hoehman, Brittany Hopkins, Benjamin Odom, Hannah Preslar, and Andrew Straight.
The theme of the week was "Run the Race."
Special speakers for the week included Kenny Baldwin and David Ring. The students were asked if they had that intangible quality of Jabez of the Bible that caused him to have such a positive impact on those around him. They were reminded that God is not so much interested in their ability as He is in their availability.
The students were challenged to consider if in the "Race of Life" whether they were spectators, walkers, or runners. As one student, Hannah Preslar, put it in her interview for the worldwide web, "Life is like a race track. There is a beginning and an end. What really matters is what you do in the middle?how well you do it and how you run. I would apply it to my life by running with determination and courage and by not being afraid to do my best."
This was definitely a week that has impacted the students of Rockwell Christian School in such a way that the effects will last a lifetime.

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