Salisbury Farmers Market continues on Saturdays only

  • Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 12:01 a.m.
    UPDATED: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 9:17 a.m.

By Phares Sechler
Master Gardener
Under the huge green sun cover, the Salisbury's Farmers Market continues to be busy with shoppers gathering up vegetables remaining from the summer crops and choosing the new fall items for sale. The Lee fall flowers greeted visitors with the fragrance of eucalyptus branches which are combined with a nice variety of late summer flowers and wrapped in a white cone. The other part of their booth was covered with all sorts of green vegetables. Spinach, mustard greens, turnips; globe, Easter egg, and diahon radishes; and even fresh cilantro, basil, dill, parsley and mint were presented with a box of red hot Thai chili peppers at the end. A favorite among the shoppers was the loose leaf Napa or sweet bok-choy. Bok-choy is a plant between a lettuce and a cabbage, crunchy with a sweet taste used in salads; it can also be cooked lightly. Eagle Farm had peanuts for the first time this season. There were plenty of tomatoes, cabbages, onions, green peppers, yellow and zucchini squash, and cucumbers. B.W. and Helen Corriher were first-timers selling cooking pumpkins from their pickup truck bed. Creative Gourmet Catering was pleased with their third week successes. Country Gardner still has an assortment of colored sweet peppers and other garden vegetables. Miller Produce was selling corn from the truck bed with several customers standing in line with their bags to receive their orders. Tomatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, okra, peppers, onions, freshly dug white potatoes, and cabbages were spread out for sale. As the end of the summer approaches, there were several regular vendors absent. Please be aware that during October there is a schedule change. There is no Wednesday Salisbury Farmers market; however, the Salisbury Farmers Market will have vendors on Saturday until December. Please go to for up to date information about the winter market. Phares Sechler is a Master Gardener volunteer with Cooperative Extension in Rowan County.

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