February 12, 2016

Parsons give fingerprints, speak with investigators

Published 12:00 am Thursday, September 26, 2013

Update: After a brief court appearance Thursday, Casey and Sandy Parsons met with the FBI and local investigators, said their attorney, Carlyle Sherrill. They also had their fingerprints taken.
“They’re voluntarily doing that,” Sherrill said. “Back early in the case, search warrants were issued and items of property were picked up from their house.”
The couple agreed to be fingerprinted, he said, so that investigators can look at the evidence and determine which prints are not theirs.
Sherrill said he was not with the Parsonses when they were speaking with investigators today, so he doesn’t know what questions were asked or how they answered.
He also said he doesn’t know why the couple’s custody hearing was continued Thursday, and he doesn’t represent them in that case.

SALISBURY — A hearing involving the custody of Sandy and Casey Parsons’ two youngest children has been continued for at least a month.
After a pre-trial meeting with attorneys in juvenile court Thursday morning, Judge Beth Dixon agreed to tentative dates of Oct. 24 and 25 for the multi-day hearing. Those dates may change depending on the court calendar.
Attorneys for the Parsonses and the Rowan County Department of Social Services said they needed more time to review a new discovery in the case. If the hearing is not set within 60 days, Dixon said, the parties will need to meet again in court to give reasons for the delay.
The social services department removed the youngest of the Parsonses’ five children, 7-year-old Toby and 8-year-old Sadie, from their home shortly after their adopted daughter Erica was reported missing in May. An older son, James Parsons, told authorities he had not seen Erica in nearly two years, when she was 13 years old.
The family lived on Miller Chapel Road at the time. They packed a moving van in late August and have said they are moving to Fayetteville, but neighbors said they have seen Sandy and Casey Parsons at the home since then.
A previous custody review hearing on Aug. 22 was closed to the public at the request of the Parsonses’ attorneys.